Im Not Sure Why I Was Referred!

George B Gettinger DMD

Often patients come for a consultation uncertain about exactly what the problem is! Nothing hurts, nothing bleeds, and the mouth feels just fine. But sometimes, often when in the office for a cleaning, the dentist or the hygienist will find an area that gives them concern. It might be a tooth that is slightly loose, has recession, or the gums bleed a bit too much. If they suspect a problem a referral to a periodontist will be made to "take a look".

Periodontal problems progress at a very slow pace. It is painless and on a day to day basis patients are completely unaware. By the time a problem develops, such as an abscess, it is too late and teeth need to be extracted.

By referring early, your dentist is being proactive and stopping a potential problem before it advances. Our office will perform a carfull examination and will discuss the findings in an easy to understand manner.

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