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Perio Problems
Receding Gums - Mucogingival Defects

Exposure of the roots of teeth is a common occurance. It is not always a problem. However it is a problem if one or more of the following conditions are present:
  • Gum tissue becomes too thin to protect the tooth.
  • Teeth become sensitive to hot, cold, or sweets.
  • Sensitivity when brushing.
  • A notch forms in he root at the gum line.
  • Teeth are long and unsightly.
Sometimes recession is caused by brushing too hard but often more factors are involved. These include unfavorable position within the jaw, clenching or grinding, tobacco use, level of home care, and unfortunately age.

Treatment for recession can be as simple as changing home care techniques. Often, especially if the surround tissue is inadequate, grafting procedures become necessary.

Dr. Gettinger will thoroughly evaluate your situation and explain various treatment options.